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- Auteur : "AbdouMaliq Simone" - Éditeur : Tous - Référence : Toutes - Format : Tous

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Télécharger le livre :  « Urban processes and change in Africa »

« Urban processes and change in Africa »

Abdoumaliq Simone
In this light, the designation « urban processes and change » acts to concentrate observations on aspects of social economy and the generation of urban cultures that seek to reopen questions about the aspirations and practices which configure specific instances of...

Télécharger le livre :  Improvised Lives

Improvised Lives

Abdoumaliq Simone
The poor and working people in cities of the South find themselves in urban spaces that are conventionally construed as places to reside or inhabit. But what if we thought of popular districts in more expansive ways that capture what really goes on within them? In...

Télécharger le livre :  New Urban Worlds

New Urban Worlds

Abdoumaliq Simone , Edgar Pieterse
It is well known that the world is transitioning to an irrevocable urban future whose epicentre has moved into the cities of Asia and Africa. What is less clear is how this will be managed and deployed as a multi-polar world system is being born. The full...